Boost Your Shopify Store Sales With Pixel Bay

The Best Facebook Pixel Optimization App That Tracks Down Your Perfect Audience

How Pixel Bay Works

Discover How Pixel Bay Can Get Your Shopify Store More Qualified Traffic

1. 100% Integration With Facebook Ads Manager

Easily create product and niche specific custom conversions and custom audience on Pixel Bay and have them synced automatically to your Facebook ad account!

2. Make Your Facebook Pixel Smarter

Track sales based on specific product or niches so that Facebook can significantly optimize your ads to people that matter most.

3. Create Incredibly Targeted Custom Audiences

Dramatically boost your Facebook ad performance by segmenting your targeting based on what people have bought in your store!

4. Create Dynamic Products Retargeting Ads

Simply promote any item from your store dynamically, targeting the right product to the right person!

Utilize Your Audience Lists For Incredible Conversions

Retarget Audiences

Convert your customers again with upsells, cross sells, you name it. Retarget your audience with MORE products!

Dynamic Products Ads

Run tailored product ads to the right people just like Amazon!

Product-Specific Lookalike Audiences

Scale your Facebook campaigns to buyers’ lookalikes – chances are they are highly interested in what you have to offer!

Integrate Pixel Bay with Shopify and Facebook